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Australian Gold lotion

Given the holiday season, many of us yearn for the perfect tan, which can be easily achieved either naturally or by using sunbeds. Naturally, the desired tone is hard to attain and even harder to maintain. What we must equip ourselves with are the right products that will be usable during tanning. Australian Gold, a brand that specializes in both sun care and sunbed cosmetics, may therefore come in handy. Not only will it help us achieve a perfect tone but also ensure the safety of the process. Are you ready? Get acquainted with the brand and start your sun care journey!

Australian Gold in a nutshell

First and foremost, we should start with the brand itself. Australian Gold is an American marque that particularizes in the production of high quality sun care and sunbed cosmetics for clients all around the world. The name, although may suggest the brands country of residence, stands for the area that the ingredients are taken from. The initial aim is to deliver the finest products both for protecting the skin and helping attain a natural, healthy tan. Apart from such, we can get cosmetics that allow a darkened shade of skin to last for an unbelievably long time. If used properly, it may be even for the whole summer. The products itself, no matter the purpose, perfectly moisturize the skin, as well as firm it, therefore inhibiting the aging process. And to add to clients favour, the smell is extremely blooming, letting us feel refreshed in all circumstances.

Australian Gold accelerator

Sun care products? Lead the way!

Years of practice and the use of innovative methods made Australian Gold one of the client’s favourites when it comes to sun care cosmetics. What does the brand have in store for us? For those that are not ultimate tan lovers, Australian Gold SPF 50 offers complete sun protection and may be of great use. The ingredients, including a set of natural oils, perfectly absorb into the skin and improve its health. The product is water-resistant, thus ideal for summer vacation by the sea. If you are an enjoyer of an active lifestyle and in dire need of both cooling and UVA-protecting merchandise, the brand’s SPF 30 Spray Gel will surely come in handy. Its quick-dry formula leaves skin soft and minimises a greasy after-feel that most SPFs usually leave.

How to get the perfect tan with Australian Gold’s sunbed cosmetics?

We are sure that many of you are fans of a deep, bronze shade of skin during the holiday season. But how to achieve the darkest tan with the healthiest skin? Australian Gold accelerator comes to aid! Enriched with the triple carrot blend product nourishes the skin while encouraging deeper, natural results way faster than we would have thought. In addition, this type of Australian Gold tanning accelerator also supports rejuvenation, as well as works as the perfect colour booster. Apart from the mentioned above, the brand provides us with the perfect creams to moisturize and smooth the skin. One that leads the way is surely the Australian Gold Hot Tanning Lotion, which uses a high level of Aloa to heal and soothe the skin while promoting a darker, longer-lasting shade. Sounds splendid, does it not? Use it regularly while visiting sunbeds or during a family vacation to get your dream shade. What must be remembered is that, even though all Australian Gold tanning lotions are safe for the skin, too much time in the sun or on a sunbed is always a risk. Do not overdo it, and you will achieve satisfactory results that will be the so-called town’s talk all summer long.

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