(HAIR)MOSSA WINTER ESSENTIALS During winter, crisp mornings, freezing cold temperatures and icy winds wreak absolute havoc on our hair. Cold, dry air leaves strands super dehydrated, frizzy and hard to manage, and the result is not pretty. Let’s face it – your standard routine just won’t cut it anymore and it’s time to step up… Continue reading

7 Fabulous Hair Care Tips for Autumn

7 Fabulous Hair Care Tips for Autumn Hair care tips for autumn are just what the doctor ordered, ladies, as it’s about time we start preparing for the new season! And although fall hair care is generally much simpler than the summer one, there are some things you need to do to it right away…. Continue reading

Wet weather day hair tips

Wet weather day hair tips START IN THE SHOWER Wet weather on the forecast? Wage the war on frizz in the shower. Always shampoo and condition with a formula specifically designed for frizz, like Matrix Hydrasource Shampoo (£10.29). BLOT DRY Hair legend Trevor Sorbie advises: “After washing your hair, avoid rough drying with a towel… Continue reading

Protect Hair in Hot Weather

Ways to Protect Hair in Hot Weather Tips, tricks, and general rules for keeping hair healthy in summer How Summer Affects Your Hair There are 3 major culprits working together to bring down your best summer hair, and they also happens to be the things we love the most about summer: sun, water, and wind… Continue reading



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