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Reddish Brown

Because if Scarlett Johansson’s doing it, then everyone should. Bring warmth to your brunette hue with subtle red and blonde highlights throughout. And if you really want to take the plunge, give it a massive chop like the actress did a few years back.


Lauren Conrad, a new mom, knows a thing or two about maintaining fresh and flirty locks — and this dramatic look is just that. If a total platinum look is too bold for you, then try Conrad’s version with a brunette to blonde gradient.


Dark Roots

If you’re a natural brunette like Ashley Tisdale (yep, she went blonde for High School Musical!), you can still lighten your locks without bleaching your hair. A subtle gradient, like Tisdale’s, will give you a summer-friendly buttery blonde while still staying true to your natural roots (literally).




Let loose this summer with fun dye job á la Katy Perry. Instead of going for a full-on purple look, start the color below the roots to minimize upkeep — and add some edge.


Rose Gold

All that glitters is actually rose gold. Lean into the latest color trend by adding subtle rosy hues into your blonde hair for a fun summer look, inspired by model Iskra Lawrence.

Body-positive model Iskra Lawrence ditched her signature blonde strands this past weekend in Cannes, France, for a decidedly darker (albeit no less stunning) new rose-toned shade. If you live in the U.K. and want to achieve a similar look, you can use the Matrix SoColor Extra Blonde Rose  at-home coloring system in the shade 8.23, which is what Lawrence says she used to get this gorgeous hue. 


Honey Blonde

Because we all want to twin with Taylor Swift, don’t we? Instead of adding loads of platinum highlights, mix in a blend of dark blonde and light brown shades for a natural style.


Neutral Blonde

See how Nicole Kidman’s hair and skin tone seem to blend together? It’s not an optical illusion — that’s the effect of neutral or nude hair. Just keep this in mind: If you get some color throughout the summer, this will take away from the monochromatic style.


Not quite blonde, not quite tangerine, “blorange” is a pared down way to transition into the rainbow hair craze. Plus, it’s essentially the color of sunshine, making it the ideal summertime shade.



If you kinda want a change, but are weary of the upkeep, babylights are the solution. Think of them as micro-brighteners: They are thin, strategically placed highlights just a shade or two lighter than your natural color.



Inspired by the shimmering neutral shades of the ocean’s prettiest jewel, pearlescent hair (a.k.a. opalescent hair) is a cool style that works for virtually any shade of blonde. Be prepared for some extra time in your colorist’s chair, though — they have to strip the hair of warmth to get to Michelle Williams’ level.

Golden Balayage

Balayage, made popular by Jennifer Lopez, shows up on trends lists year after year. Hand-painting prevents that tell-tale foil-line at the crown of the head, making it much easier to maintain. You know what that means: No obvious grow-out!







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