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10 Things You Absolutely Must Do After Bleaching Your Hair

1. Cut Down On Washing Your Hair

You shouldn’t shampoo your hair too often no matter what color hair you have, but if you’re bleaching it, you should be even more careful. Buy yourself a shower cap so you can wash your body, and start going about three days without shampooing your hair. If it starts too look greasy or flat, just use dry shampoo. 

2. Use Deep Conditioner Once A Week

Bleaching your hair makes it way more dry and brittle, and the only way to reverse those effects is to give your hair more moisture. Instead of relying on regular conditioner, start using deep conditioner at least once a week. I’ve found that using deep conditioner more often than that leaves my hair feeling greasy and weighed down, but some people do it every three days – it depends on your hair type. I love this one by L’Oreal. I put it on in the shower, leave it for three-five minutes, and then wash it out. It leaves my hair feeling so soft.

3. Stop Using So Much Heat On Your Hair

Like I said, bleach leaves your hair very dry. Styling with heat is bad for any kind of hair, especially bleached hair. Try to avoid using your blow dryer, flat iron or curling iron as much as possible. Start letting your hair dry on it’s own as often as you can. Putting too much heat on your hair is going to fry it even more, and leave it super damaged.

4. Start Using A Heat Protectant Spray

As a girl with wavy, sometimes unruly hair, I understand that sometimes you need to use a blow dryer, flat iron or curling wand. If you’re going to use heat styling, you absolutely must use a heat protectant spray.

5. Pay Attention To Your Split End

Dry, bleached hair almost always equals lots of split ends. And while at least a few split ends are unavoidable, you shouldn’t ignore them completely. Buy a product to try to prevent them.



6. Use Leave-In Conditioner After Every Shower

I’ve said a few times, getting blonde hair means more brittle, weak locks. That means you need to be extra careful with your hair, especially when it’s wet. Don’t just rip a comb through wet hair. Use a leave-in conditioner of your choice (I like this one) when it’s wet, and then brush through your hair gently… this will give your hair more moisture and untangle any knots. 


7. Protect Your Hair From The Sun

Dry, bleached hair should not be in the sun unprotected… that’s a recipe for more damage. Find products that promise UV protection. If you’re going to be in the sun a lot, start wearing hats or even pretty scarves.

8. Use An Overnight Mask At Least Twice A Month

Deep conditioning once or twice a week isn’t exactly enough moisture for your newly bleached hair. You should also be using overnight hair masks about once a week – or if you don’t have time, at least try for twice a month.


9. Invest In A Good Oil

Hair oils can really change your life. Just a little drop of a good hair oil can make your locks look shinier, feel softer, and just become generally healthier. I am obsessed with Saryna Key Damage Repair oil and I use it every day. It doesn’t weigh my hair down, but it does make it feel and look better. Plus, you can also use this on your skin.

10. Get Regular Trims

Remember when we were talking about split ends before? Well, you need regular haircuts or trims in order to keep those in check. Getting a trim on a regular basis ensures that you’re getting rid of the dead hair and leaving room for your more healthy hair. Trims also help your hair grow faster and leave your locks looking great. Totally worth the time.



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