Hair Care

Hair care

All women yearn to have silky and nourished hair. Frequent hairdressing treatments such as colouring weaken hair follicles and make them dryer and brassy. Surely, none of us aspires for such outcome, as hair is one of the women’s most treasured assets. What to do to keep them shiny and full of depth? Most importantly, use quality hair care products! Hermossa, with the utmost respect to their clients’ needs, provides various supplies such as shampoos, conditioners, styling and hair treatment products from the most famous hair brands. All enriched with the best nutrients that, if used properly, will make your hair healthy as a horse. A range of hair care products suitable for every hair type and, what is the most encouraging for customers, easily accessible at the best possible prices.

Hair care products – what to use for proper treatment?

First and foremost, what we must start our treatment from is proper washing. For that, we need quality hair care supplies that will turn brittle hair into soft and more resilient ones. Hermossa provides a wide range of these with the help of L’Oreal, Olaplex and Fanola. Either a standalone or a complete package of shampoo, conditioner and oils are what you must possess to get satisfactory results. What kind of hair care products should you take note of? We hasten to explain. For sure, Olaplex’s Full Hair Repair Routine is the finest formula designed for all hair types. Use it for more than a month, and you can boast about the perfect condition of your hair. Then comes Fanola’s duo of both a shampoo and a conditioner with the addition of nutriments that prevents customers from getting yellow or orange tones. All supplies are suitable for not only light but also darker colours. Additionally, they are a good option for those brave enough that opt for greyish tones. If you are one of those, Olaplex prepared an excellent Blonde Enhancer Toning Shampoo that neutralizes unwanted warm colours and enhances the shade.

What about styling?

Hair care is not only focused on washing but also styling. If we want to keep our hair in good condition, we must attach great importance to products responsible for our looks. Hermossa proposes L’Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Blow-Dry Fluidifier with Heat Protection up to 230 C. Make sure to always use such as not to expose your hair to extreme temperatures. Next up, Mythic Original Oil, ideal for normal and dry hair that will help you achieve a soft and glossy finish, preparing you for a fancy night out with friends or family. Need a hair care product that holds your hair up to maximum? Use either Goldwell or L’Oreal hair sprays that result in keeping your hair in place and ensuring protection from humidity. Furthermore, they help you establish silk and beautiful shiness. All of the above are within easy reach at Hermossa, your best retail company from London.