Hair Colour

Hair dye – what products do we offer?

We all know how important are good quality hair dye products. In many cases, changing our colour is a permanent or, at least, semi-permanent choice. That is why we want to achieve great effects. In Hermossa, you will find many products that guarantee the most wanted outcome. What can we distinguish? For sure, the most important ones in hair colouring would be hair dyes – available in all possible tones meant for every skin type. Then, we have semi-permanent hair colour products, with toners from Schwarzkopf BLONDME as one of the most popular ones at the moment. Given that we attach great importance to our client’s needs, we also have ammoniac free hair dyes that will help you achieve your dream colour without any unwanted allergic reactions. Of course, we could not forget about all the necessary equipment that must be at our disposal during professional hair colour treatment. You can get our Backwash Pump or L’oreal Easi meche at great prices just now.

Colour hairdressing with professional hair colour brands

Many people think that to achieve desirable hair colours you can use any hair dye but is it that simple? Of course not! If so, we would not have as many quality professional hair colour brands that constantly update their assortment with better products. The names such as L’Oreal, Schwarzkopf, Wella, Matrix or Goldwell are very well-known in the hair colouring market because of their efficiency and excellent merchandise. While hairdressers usually are well accustomed to what they have to offer, people who are not up with the business may have some issues in finding the right hair dye colour for their natural hair. Do not worry! You can always seek advice from your friends and family or, even your previous hairdressers. They are equipped with hair colour codes that help to fit the right colour according to your skin tone – you can find such pallets on the Internet without any issues. Many stores have such facilities on their sites as well.

Which hair colour will be the best for my hair?

The million-dollar question that all women desire the answer. It is not as simple as we could have thought. Factors like skin type and facial contour play a meaningful role in choosing the right hair dye. If you are more of a lighter type, choose at least two tones darker colour to avoid confluence. The same goes with the darker colours. We know that many clients like to experiment with their hair which is marvellous but be cautious as not to achieve unwanted effects. For the more courageous we also offer hair colourants in pastels. Green, blue, violet, pink and peach colours – all are suitable for every skin type and will surely make a splash on your colleagues.