Peroxide & Developers

Peroxide hair – successful results only with the best products!

The debate about why and if having blonde rather than bronze or other hair colour is ongoing and many of us still strive to achieve such a tone. Of course, the makeover, especially for people who are naturally born as brunettes or gingers, is very hard and sometimes unattainable. The best way to do so for the first time is to book a professional appointment and put one’s trust in other’s capabilities. But what if we cannot afford it? Get Hermossa’s peroxides and developers, and try your luck at home! Top brands such as Goldwell and Matrix with the best possible products will surely help you achieve a successful outcome. Which of those should be added to your shopping cart? L’Oreal’s lightening powders or a paste available at the most attractive prices for those yearning for more permanent effect should do the trick. If it is not up to your liking, try Schwarzkopf IGORA Vario Blond Bleach, which does not require any additional boosters. If you are thinking about much more vibrant result, Wella’s offer is enriched with hair developer that not only helps in getting the right hair colour but also protects the hair and makes the whole process a no-brainer.

Hair bleach – what should I use?

As we had already specified, Hermossa offers a wide range of high-level peroxides and developers that will make the lightening process way easier, specifically for a first-timer. What do we have in stock? Goldwell’s Oxycur Platin Dust Free Bleach with the most creamy consistency that you could ever think of that is not only easy to apply but meets all the essential requirements and provides a fast long-lasting effect. Apart from such, we propose Schwarzkopf BLONDME Bond Enforcing Premium Lightener – the most reliable for those who want to remove dark pigments. The lightening is even and neutralises any unwanted yellowish tones, which, as all of us know, is an enormous issue for dyed blondes. And last but not least, our most powerful, high-speed lightener from Matrix which, thanks to professional light boosters, delivers faster results. The additional conditioning Panthenol is a huge advantage as well, ensuring the best possible protection to our hair while still keeping it clean and nourished.

Hair oxidant of your dreams

To get permanent and desirable hair colour, using a proven hair oxidant is definitely a must. Such developers anchor deeply and firmly in hair structure, which cannot be said about simple hair tints that only cover the outer layers thus not ensuring a long-lasting tone. The hair bleaches mentioned above will certainly do their magic and our high-level hair oxidants may also come in handy. What does Hermossa have to offer in this department? For sure, L’Oreal Luo Color Oxidant optimally coordinated with various colourants will make your hair smooth and shiny without any damage. What is more, Goldwell’s Top Chic Cream Developer Lotion in four possible concentrations issues a great level of spreadability and adherence to the hair. The bottle alone consists of 1000ml, meaning it is perfect for a more severe process and will suffice for more than one application process. Is that all? We had you all fooled! Inoa Oxidant Riche Developer, also from L’Oreal, is a revolutionary colouring system for all who yearn for a makeover but are indecisive due to the fear of damaging their hair. The products are ammonia- and fragrance-free with 100% grey hair coverage and bleach up to 3 tones in just 35 minutes. Sounds about right, does it not?

While we are sure of the credibility of all mentioned, be cautious while deciding to have peroxide hair because the process will not be as simple as it sounds. To help you speed up the outcome, all our offers include valuable instruction that is highly recommended to both beginners and advanced hair colourists. Enjoy the read before you settle on a plan!