L’Oreal Dia Richesse – Diactivateur 1.8% 2.7% 4.5% 1000ml Oxidant Developer

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L’Oreal Diactivateur, a cream developer specifically designed to complement L’Oreal DIARICHESSE and DIALIGHT tone-on-tone colour ranges. Available in 3 strengths. Diactivateur allows variation in the intensity of colour: 6 vol (1.8%), 9 vol (2.7%) or 15 vol (4.5%).

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The L’Oreal Dia Richesse Diactivateur activating emulsion is an essential tool for permanent and semi-permanent hair dyes.


  • extends colour intensity
  • the result is a colour full of shine
  • the product is gentle on hair

How to use:
Follow the instructions included.


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