FANOLA No Orange shampoo 350ml

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Helping to eliminate copper tones for colour treated hair, the No Orange Shampoo uses a special blue pigment to counteract orange, copper tones in the hair. In addition, it nourishes the hair, leaving it moisturised and refreshed with added shine.

To use: Wear protective gloves. Apply to wet hair. Leave for 1-5 minutes before rinsing.


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Neutralizes unwanted copper red – Professional

  • Anti-Orange Shampoo for Coloured Hair with dark tones.
  • Mild shampoo.
  • Neutralises copper / red reflections.
  • Adds shine and hydration.
  • Enriched with Monoi milk and coral weed.
No Orange Shampoo is suitable for coloured hair with orange tinges and dark shades.
It gently cleanses and neutralises undesired copper/red reflections, leaving the hair more shiny and hydrated. This shampoo is best used as a pre-toner in the basin before applying toner.
Simply wear protective gloves to avoid standing your fingers, apply to wet hair, massage and leave on the hair for 1 – 5 minutes, lather and rinse. Repeat this application.
Take caution when using on bleached or lightened hair as it can overtone. It does not stain the scalp.



The concept of Fanola was to produce the highest technology colour that delivers quality colour to the salon at the best possible price and give salons the best technical support. Throughout the years Fanola has grown and has proven to be a real success for salon owners all around the world.

The team at Fanola cares about your hair and we understand how important it is to treat your hair well so we are proud to share our knowledge on everything technical to you. There is a wide range of Fanola products and there is something for everyone. With an extensive range of line, Fanola has developed separate programs to cater to the individual.


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