JOICO Style & Finish JoiShape Spray 300ml

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JOICO JoiShape Shaping & Finishing Spray is an aerosol hairspray that provides a medium hold, flexible style. The spray also provides resistance to humidity which helps to prolong your style even further.

JoiShape shaping and finishing spray can also be used in conjunction with thermal styling tools e.g. curling tongs, straightening irons or hot rollers to provide extra volume.

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JOICO Style & Finish JoiShape Spray allows for a bit of swing and shaping. JOICO Style & Finish JoiShape Spray makes it perfectly okay to take a brush to your freshly-spritzed locks without worrying that you’ve just undone all your work. Sometimes you’re looking for a little something lighter. Like a hairspray that doesn’t leave you with helmet head. Kind of like Joico JoiShape Shaping & Finishing Spray. In fact, exactly like the JoiShape Finishing Spray.

Perfect choice for: Fine hair is the ideal candidate for this medium-hold product. But so is any ‘do that might want to double-down on hairspray without worrying about build-up or touchability.

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