Light Master Lightening Powder 500g

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Matrix Light Master is our most powerful, high-speed lightener with conditioning Panthenol, The professional lifting technology in Light Master delivers lighter results, faster than ever because it contains intelligent light boosters. They release oxygen earlier to give a lift that is quick, yet controlled, and the conditioning Panthenol means that condition is not comprised. The violet toner balances neutralisation of warm yellow undertones giving clean results.

Application: Light Master can be applied on-scalp. Formulation and processing time depends on desired application and results.

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Light Master lightening powder is a dream product for  every colorist.

Instantly lighten  up to 8 tones.

Healthiness of Panthenol protects the natural barrier of the hair fiber. As a result, hair is not porous,  retain softness, gentleness and shine.

Light Master strengthens and stimulates a faster release of active oxygen olecules, which speeds up the lightening process.

Excellent results are achieved in a short time (the visible effects already after 10 minutes) It gives unlimited possibilities and expected result every time.


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