L’Oreal Majirouge 50ml

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This colorant is the ultimate tool for long lasting hair colour, leaving a deep, radiant finish. L’Oreal Professionnel Majirouge  treats the entire hair fibre thanks to the active treatment; Ionene G and incell. The reinforced and resistant hair enables you to create your desired colour accurately.

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L’Oreal Majirouge contains Ionène G™ and Incell™ that strengthens and reinforces hair fibres whilst conditioning. Majirouge can lighten up to 3 levels and each shade gives perfect coverage of up to 100% white hair.

L’Oreal Majirouge Carmilane™ features exclusive technology which forms an incredibly strong bond with the hair fibre to help secure the colour deep within it. The result is red with a unique, multi-dimensional structure with L’Oreal’s best ever fade-resistance.

L’Oreal Majirouge Rubilane™ patented technology delivers longer-lasting, pure, vibrant and intense reds and coppers.