Matrix Socolor Beauty 90ml Permanent Hair Colour

£7.19 inc VAT contains pre-adjusted tones and bases to compensate for natural underlying pigments and patented Cera-Oil complex, which restores condition, delivering long lasting colour and brilliant shine. A comprehensive palette of beautiful shades to give natural or fashion effects.

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Matrix Socolor Beauty permanent hair dye 90ml is the first colour line that offers Cera-Oil conditioning complex that remains in the hair for up to 30 shampoos – constantly strengthening hair even in between touch-ups. SOCOLOR beauty not only cares for hair during touch ups, but in between as well!

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  Upgrade your hair game with this range of professional, results-driven formulas from haircare brand Matrix. Discover ranges of Matrix hair care, styling, colour and perming products.  
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Additional information

Matrix Socolor Beauty

CLEAR, 2N Black Neutral, 3N Dark Brown Neutral, 4N Medium Brown Neutral, 5N Light Brown Neutral, 6N Dark Blonde Neutral, 7N Medium Blonde Neutral, 8N Light Blonde Neutral, 9N Very Light Blonde Neutral, 10N Extra Light Blonde Neutral, 11N High Lift Blonde Neutral, 1A Darkest Black Ash, 5A Light Brown Ash, 6A Dark Blonde Ash, 7A Medium Blonde Ash, 9A Very Light Ash Blonde, 11A High Lift Blonde Ash, 5G Light Brown Gold, 6G Dark Blonde Gold, 7G Medium Blonde Gold, 8G Light Blonde Gold, 9G Very Light Blonde Gold, 10G Extra Light Blonde Gold, 7CG Medium Blonde Copper Gold, 8CC Light Blonde Copper, 5RC Medium Brown Red Copper, 8RC Light Blonde Red Copper, 3BR Brown/Blonde Red, 4BR Medium Brown/Brown Red, 6BR Dark Blonde/Brown Red, 6BC Dark Blonde Brown Copper, 7BC Medium Blonde Brown Copper, 4BC Dark Brown Copper, 5BR Medium Brown Red, 5BC Medium Brown Copper, 3VR Very Dark Blonde Violet Red, 6VR Dark Blonde Violet Red, 4M Medium Brown Mocha, 5M Light Brown Mocha, 6M Dark Blonde Mocha, 7M Medium Blonde Mocha, 8M Light Blonde Mocha, 9M Very Light Blonde Mocha, 6MM Dark Blonde Mocha, 8MM Light Blonde Mocha, 10MM Extra Light Blonde Mocha, 7W Medium Blonde Warm, 5W Light Brown Warm, 3W Dark Brown Warm, 8W Light Blonde Warm, 9W Very Light Warm Blond, 5C Light Brown Copper, 6C Dark Blond Copper, 7C Medium Blonde Copper, 8C Light Blonde Copper, 5NW Light Brown Neutral Warm, 6NW Dark Blonde Neutral Warm, 7NW Medium Blonde Neutral Warm, 4NW Brown Neutral Warm, 8NW Light Blonde Neutral Warm, 10NW Extra Light Blonde Neutral Warm, 5AV Light Brown Ash Violet, 7AV Medium Blonde Ash Violet, 8AV Light Blonde Ash Violet, 9AV Extra Light Blonde Ash Violet, 10AV Extra Light Blonde Ash Violet, 5MG Light Brown Mocha Gold, 7MG Medium Blonde Mocha Gold, 6MG Dark Blonde Mocha Gold, 5BV Light Brown Violet, 6P Dark Blonde Pearl, 8P Light Blonde Pearl, 10P Extra Light Blonde Pearl, 6SP Dark Blonde Silver Pearl, 8SP Light Blonde Silver Pearl, 10SP Extra Light Blone Silver Pearl, 7RG Mixed Metal Rose Gold, 9RG Light Blonde Metallic Rose Gold, 6VM Light Brown Metallic Violet Mauve, 7NJ Medium Blonde Neutral Jade

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