Saryna Key Color Lasting Hair Oil 110ml

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The Color Lasting Treatment Oil is made with Shea butter which is a natural source of keratin that repairs hair. The natural keratin coats hair leaving it soft, shiny and manageable.
This unique formula is light weight and easily absorbed which leaves hair soft and shiny from the first use.

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A good hair oil is a perfect solution to battle dry and frizzy strands. This one will penetrate deep into your hair to minimise frizz, restore shine and leave your locks silky soft.

For use on:

Processed, coloured hair.

How it works:

The Color Lasting Treatment Oil is made with shea butter, a natural source of keratin used to repair hair. Shea butter coats hair to leave it soft, shiny and well moisturized. The vitamins and amino acids are used to penetrate the hair cuticle and restore from root to tip. This unique formula is lightweight and absorbs quickly.

Directions of use:

Apply desired amount to clean, damp or dry hair focusing on ends.

The result:

Soft and shiny hair after first use.


Saryna Key

Mike Sabag, founder of Saryna Key™ and the original Moroccanoil, began developing hair products at 28 years old, In 2007‭, ‬Mike ‬Sabag‭, ‬CEO of Saryna Key™, ‬revealed the beauty benefits of pure African shea butter to the world‭.

Nature’s source to perfect hair belongs to the shea tree, and perfection can't be rushed. It can take up to 50 years for an African shea tree to produce nuts‭‭. ‬‬‬‬ Saryna Key™ is an international company based in Israel, where all research and development is completed. Our products collections are sold around the globe including the USA, Canada, Europe, Israel, Australia, China, Africa and more.