Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Royal 60ml

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The Igora Royal Natural Extra coverage shades are specially developed for intense white hair coverage on thick and coarse hair.

Schwarzkopf Professional’s heritage colour brand Igora Royal brings you true colour in High Definition with uncompromising coverage and unbeatable retention.

Developed with colourists for colourists Igora Royal lets your creativity run free providing you with the tools to transform imagination into reality, with true-to-tuft colour results for ultimate reliability – even under the most challenging conditions.

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Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Royal was the first hair colouring cream to be developed with the involvement of colourists. As a result, Schwarzkopf’s range is designed to meet all your needs. IGORA’s cream and developer mix quickly and deliver perfect colour equalisation and coverage.

The range is formulated with high definition technology and colour pigment matrices. It gives up to 50% longer colour retention and up to 25% higher reflex vibrancy. The result is incredible intensity and colours that are true to tuft.

Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Royal is optimised for mixing with IGORA’s Oil Developer whose reduced water content means less colour dilution. The lipid carrier system also cares for the hair and helps to seal in the colour.

Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Royal is divided into multiple colour families and a couple of sub-ranges, notably IGORA ROYAL Absolutes and IGORA ROYAL Highlights. Altogether there are 112 different shades in the range.


Schwarzkopf Professional

Schwarzkopf Professional - Together. A Passion For Hair Discover a fantastic selection of semi-permanent and permanent hair dyes with the Schwarzkopf professional range, as well as hair care collection. Enjoy a silky, nourished finish from their shampoos, conditioners, and hair oils and styling products.  
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Igora Royal 60ml

0-11 Anti Yellow Concentrate, 0-22 Anti Orange Concentrate, 0-33 Anti Red Concentrate, 0-55 Gold Concentrate, 0-77 Copper Concentrate, 0-88 Red Concentrate, 0-89 Red Violet Concentrate, 0-99 Violet Concentrate, 1-0 Natural Black, 1-1 Blue Black, 3-0 Dark Brown Natural, 3-65 Dark Brown Chocolate Gold, 3-68 Darl Brown Chocolate Red, 4-13 Cendre Plus Medium Brown, 4-5 Medium Brown Gold, 4-6 Medium Brown Chocolate, 4-63 Chocolate Matt Medium Brown, 4-65 Chocolate Gold Medium Brown, 4-88 Red Extra Medium Brown, 4-99 Violet Extra Medium Brown, 5-0 Light Brown Natural, 5-00 Light Brown Natural Extra, 5-4 Light Brown Beige, 5-5 Light Brown Gold, 5-57 Light Brown Gold Copper, 5-6 Light Brown Chocolate, 5-7 Light Brown Copper, 5-63 Light Brown Chocolate Matt, 5-65 Light Brown Chocolate Gold, 5-68 Light Brown Chocolate Red, 5-88 Light Brown Red Extra, 5-99 Light Brown Violet Extra, 6-0 Natural Dark Blonde, 6-1 Dark Blonde Cendre, 6-12, 6-4 Dark Blonde Beige, 6-5 Dark Blonde Gold, 6-63 Dark Blonde Chocolate Matt, 6-65 Dark Blonde Chocolate Gold, 6-68 Dark Blonde Chocolate Red, 6-77 Dark Blonde Copper Extra, 6-99 Dark Blonde Violet Extra, 7-0 Medium Blonde, 7-00 Medium Blonde Natural Extra, 7-1 Medium Blonde Cendre, 7-4 Medium Blonde Beige, 7-55 Medium Blonde Gold Extra, 7-57 Gold Copper Medium Blonde, 7-65, 7-77, 8-0, 8-1 Light Blonde Cendre, 8-11 Light Blonde Cendre Extra, 8-4 Light Blonde Beige, 8-55 Light Blonde Gold Extra, 8-65 Light Blonde Chocolate Gold, 8-77, 9-0, 9-00, 9-1 Extra Light Blonde Cendre, 9-4 Extra Light Blonde Beige, 9-55 Extra Light Blonde Gold Extra, 9-65 Extra Light Blonde Chocolate Gold, 9-7 Extra Light Blonde Copper, 9,5-1 Pearl, 9,5-22 Pale Blue, 9,5-4 Beige, 9,5-49 Nude, E-1 Intensive Cendre Extract, D-0 Natural

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