Schwarzkopf Professional IGORA ROYAL Highlifts 60ml

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  • High Lift colours that provide maximum lift
  • Breakthrough Fibreplex Bond Technology
  • Enforces bonds within the hair structure during the lifting process
  • Enforcing bonds for 94% less hair damage
  • New ultra-cool SilverWhite pigment combinations allows coolest blonde shades ever
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The Schwarzkopf Professional IGORA ROYAL Highlifts grouping contains the 13 Ultra Blonde (10-) and Special Blonde (12-) shades. All specially developed to create incredible blondes in just one step. The IGORA formulation delivers maximum lift and reliable neutralisation. In addition it is now improved with built-in Fibrebond technology to minimise hair breakage.

Ultra Blondes

6 shades that can be used on bases 7 or lighter and will give 3–4 levels of lift depending on developer strength (1:1 mix ratio). Can be mixed with IGORA ROYAL Naturals to combine lift with up to 30% white hair coverage.

Special Blondes

7 shades for use on bases 6 or lighter and giving 4–5 levels of lift. Mix 1 part colour cream with 2 parts IGORA ROYAL Oil Developer.

For all the Highlift shades, use 9% (30 Vol) developer for the lower level of lift and 12% (40 Vol) for the higher level. Development time is 30–45 minutes.

All shades come in a 60-ml tube.

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